The Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill will require the UK Government to:

  1. Work to prevent problems, including the climate crisis, poverty and pandemics from happening, and not just deal in emergencies;
  2. Give current and future generations a voice in decision-making, and protect them from global threats;
  3. Deliver a new, sustainable vision for the nation that prioritises our environmental, social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

Today For Tomorrow is a cross-party campaign powered by The Big Issue and the Office of Big Issue Founder, Lord Bird MBE. At the heart of The Big Issue Group mission is the drive to dismantle the root causes of poverty, avoid the need for future generations of Big Issue vendors, and promote preventative action. 

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill, which is being led through Parliament by The Big Issue founder, Lord Bird, and is co-sponsored by Simon Fell MP, is rooted in the same philosophy and aims to challenge orthodox thinking by brokering sustainable solutions to social problems