What's The Plan?

The Today for Tomorrow campaign have published a report to demonstrate the findings of research conducted by Portland Communications mid-pandemic, in July 2020.

The research sought to identify how passing legislation like the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill would be politically relevant to the current Conservative Government.

You can find the reports below; to ensure these important matters get the attention they deserve, please post on social media to invite your MP to the parliamentary launch of the report. If you’re stuck on what you could write, something along the lines of the below would work perfectly!

I’m supporting @simonfell & @johnbirdswords’ #FutureGenerations Bill, which aims to tackle the climate, pandemic & poverty head on – but it needs your help to pass! Please visit www.bigissue.com/t4t/ today, to invite your MP to @BigIssue’s virtual parliamentary report on 30th June


Find the reports below!

Facing Our Future – Easy Read

Facing Our Future – Full Report